Out Patient Services

Screening for Bleeding Disorders and general consultation

Open Clinic

Screening and consultation services for both new and old patients by our specialist doctors. The personal health file will include all that is needed for patient management.

Coagulation workup

After clinical evaluation, patient will be subjected for Basic Coagulation workup to Diagnosis for appropriate Management and fallow up.

Parents Counseling

Counseling the parents is key for overall outcome of the patient. We educate and support the parents to take care of their child and to overcome the challenges.

Monthly Clinic

Every 2th Saturday, a monthly clinic will be organized for continuity of care. Registered Hemophiliacs will be called in for evaluation for various medical specialities.

Pyscho-social clinic

Hemophilia, being incurable poses  psycho-social problems and needs counseling and education of the affected person  to accept it and face the challenges uneventfully.


Rehabilitation of PwH with Physiotherapy is crucial in maintaining strong muscles and joints to prevent repeated Bleeds.Hence,     our expert will train PwH in proper exercises 

Patient Profiling

We have mastered the technique of evaluating the patient. The comprehensive medical workup will help all the care providers to plan the treatment. The case file will be covered holistically to offer best possible patient care services.