Counseling Services

For patients, parents, youth & psychosocial

Parent Counseling

Hemophilia, being incurable & chronic disorder, have tremendous Psycho-social issues. Parents become panic as they do not get proper information about Hemophilia and start over protecting their children, ultimately leading to depression, dependency and lack of confidence to face the challenges of Hemophilia. Hence, KHS organizes parents counseling session, parents Meet, Psycho-social Workshops and individual counseling sessions.

Youth Counseling

Youths need motivation, personality development courses and career counseling sessions which are dealt by organizing Workshops & a week long youth camps.

Mothers / Sisters Counseling

Mother is highly victimized in the family as Hemophilia becomes a social stigma. Hence, Proper counseling is given by experts & they are educated how to bring up their children. All women in the families are not carriers, they are educated about the Carrier Detection Test (CD) & Pre Natal Diagnosis (PND).