Physiotherapy & Aquatic Therapy Services

“Hemophilia without disability” the core objective

Disability Assessment

Bleeding in Joints & Muscles is hallmark of Hemophilia. Hence, periodical assessment wit standard tool like  FISH Score is done for each patient and grade the degree of Disability. Our Physiotherapist will plan appropriate protocol in consultation with the orthopedic surgeon.

Home based execercise

Each patients after the training by our Physiotherapist will be given “physiotherapy Kit” along with poster to encourage Physiotherapy at home & review periodicaly

Navachethana Camp

Navachethana is ongoing project to identify PwH with crippling Disabilities & provide them regular physiotherapy ( Short term / long term) to Rehabilitate them with new life. 

Physiotherapy training / Workshop

Bi Annual Physiotherapy workshops are conducted involving Orthopedic Surgeon and Physiotherapist to promote  the impotence of Physiotherapy in hemophilia and Train the Physiotherapist from different parts of the state & involve in Hemophilia care

Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool is established at KHS for People with Hemophilia to promote effective Physiotherapy in making them fit & fine.

Strengthening exercise

Repeated bleeding will weaken the muscle or joint due to relative immobility. Physiotherapy will strengthen the adjacent muscles and ends up to have relative hypertrophy so as to increase the threshold of injury level. KHS emphasize on improving the Joint & Muscles by Training PwH in regular Physiotherapy emphasizing the fact that strong & Muscles & stable joint will not bleed repeatedly.