In Patient Services

Managing Bleeding episodes and rehabilitation services


We follow standard treatment protocol to adhere to the best medical practice that is evidence-based. These protocols are vetted and customized for local requirements.

Factors (AHF Medicine)

KHS has been identified by State Government as one of the Comprehensive Hemophilia center in North Karnataka. Factors availability at the facility has remarkably reduced the cost of treatment.

Family history

Hemophilia is X- Linked recessive disorder, characteristically males are sufferers & females are carriers. However, new mutations can cause Hemophilia without any family history. Hence,Prevention by Carrier Detection & Prenatal Diagnosis is crucial.


Every patient will be analysed to check for the specialists needed. Such specialized will examine and brainstorm with the primary doctor to freeze the care plan.

Support services

Psycho-social counseling, parental counseling, Physiotherapy are all part of the IP services. Average 3-4 days of their stay at the facility gives enough time to educate them.


Disability Tool

Frequency of bleeding and severity of disease condition contribute to disability. Periodical Musculo-skeletal assessment & early intervention with Physio is planned to prevent Disability.

Comprehensive Hemophilia Care

A holistic approach towards patient care management from all the healthcare providers. The comprehensive team to include the nurses, primary doctor, specialist doctors, physiotherapists, counselors, medico-social workers.