Strategic Plan 2019-23
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Strategic Plan


Snap shot on the future projects for the year 2019-23. As an organisation, we have listed 5 key areas to work on long term projects.


Registered Pwh

Patients visits


Blood donations

What we aim at

Our Mission

Identify & locate the undiagnosed “Persons with Hemophilia (PwH)”, then to educate and provide proper information on Hemophilia Care to both Persons with Hemophilia, and their families.


Patient care

The begining

Our Founder

Dr Suresh Hanagavadi


Hemophilia – a ‘Boon’ or a ‘Bane’. A great example set by “an 18-year OLD Suresh who always cursed himself for the “Bane’ disease & a 54-year YOUNG doctor, Suresh made the best use of the ‘Boon’, to take it to the mass to educate and uplift the self-respect with the disease. He founded the organization ‘Karnataka Hemophilia Society in the year 1996, with the help of 9 hemophilia family & friends, that has survived good all these years. His wish is to make the society ETERNAL with the help of well-wishers.