Patient service

Medical Care for all the bleeding disorder visiting the facility.


Laboratory work-up for suspected patients with bleeding disorders


Strengthening the joints and muscle to overcome disease induced disability


Educate healthcare professionals through  workshops & CMEs

Blood bank

Volunteering blood donation opportunity to save four patients

An NGO working for the welfare of People with Hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders for 30 years.

Karnataka Hemophilia Society, is registered under Society’s Act 1860, in the year 1989. Till date the society has identified & registered 768 people with Hemophilia. They are the direct beneficiaries of the society and from the Government initiatives of the society. All these while, it was catering to patients across Karnataka and now limited to central & north Karnataka.

A big smile on this boy's face

The story of a young 5-year-old boy who came with a lot of pain and spent almost a month to get a smile on his face. He is fortunate to know about society and get the right advice at the right time. We need your help to reach us to the maximum.

Boosting the confidence amongst PwH

Kids are overprotected for the fact that they are prone to injuries. In the course, they even lose confidence in facing the world. This mother is lucky enough to receive the right advice from the society. We need your support to reach to such mothers in Karnataka







Every organisation gets life through a passionate team in their respective field. It will only sustain if they could bring in systems during their term.

Karnataka Hemophilia Society (KHS) is a brainchild of a Person with Hemophilia, Dr Suresh Hanagavadi.

His life experiences made him strong to initiate a thought of forming this public organization to help and support other people with Hemophilia (PwH). He made up his mind in 1989 to form a team of like-mindedness to give life to this organisation.

  • Reaching out People with Hemophilia (PwH) and other Related Inherited Bleeding Disorders.

  • Providing Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation services.

  • Training of Medical & Para Medical Professionals.

  • Public / Media Awareness.

  • Resource Mobilization to Sustain Welfare Activities.

  • Advocacy with the Government for its Involvement and Support.

  • Networking with like-minded organizations (like Disability, HIV/ AIDS, Blood safety…)

  • Research and Development

Haemophilia without disability, and children free of pain

To bring in change, KHS always works in the social sector to be visible by people, politicians to influence the law makers.

PwH <br /> Beneficiaries

Happy <br /> Parents

Outreach <br /> programs

Volunteer <br /> Support

Our Talented Team

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