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01. Know Hemophilia

Just browse through the website and understand what is Hemophilia? How to identify? How to treat?

The website gives a comprehensive information on the condition and especially for hemophiliacs, a guide to know what is happening across the globe and in India.

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02. Be a Volunteer

You can bring your time or expertise onto the table to make a difference. I would personally wish to meet up to THANK volunteers who really bring in the change in KHS.

Identify yourself and bring in ideas on how you could promote the organization. We will definitely recognize you.

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03. Make a Donation

A pizza costs minimum Rs 300, and with the same amount you can help the organization to identify and save a life.

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04. Spread the Word

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Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder which not only affects the physical wellbeing of a person but also affects the psychological growth of a child.

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